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Our Vision

Our vision at Fehl-Price Classical Academy is to accelerate scholar academic achievement by preparing our scholars to be critical thinkers, global-minded problem solvers, and responsible citizens of character.

Our Story

Through House Bill 1882, a beautiful partnership was born between Beaumont ISD and ResponsiveEd. This partnership was designed to bring innovation and transformation to Fehl-Price Elementary. Through collaboration, Fehl-Price Classical Academy seeks to provide the following to the scholars and families we serve:

Rigorous Standards-Based Instruction

Daily, scholars will engage in rigorous standards-based instruction designed to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication through reading, speaking, listening and writing as well as effective team collaboration.

Character Education

Scholars will investigate the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Collaboratively, staff and scholars will discuss and implement the 7 Habits on a daily basis as we seek to create scholars who are responsible citizens of character.

Parent-Community Involvement

Fehl-Price Classical Academy is a community school. We understand that it takes a village and we need you! Come join the work of this partnership. Throughout the school year multiple family and community member events will be scheduled. Come read a book to a scholar or sponsor an event or extracurricular activity. We need your presence and talent. Come be a part of change!